We bought spray-foam insulation from Home Depot and three-inch-deep plastic containers from Target. At a Dollar Tree we picked up marbles and gift-wrap paper, and at Party City we found mylar birthday balloons. Ronnie set up the vacuum sealer on the living-room floor, and I made a pot of coffee. We put on The X-Files and latex gloves, and Ronnie scooped handfuls of trimmed bud into Tupperware set on a digital scale. I watched him break a thumb-sized bud into thirds to get the scale to exactly 454 grams, not counting the Tupperware. The pound of bud got vacuum sealed once, twice, wrapped in a mylar balloon, which we believed to be X-ray proof, then sealed a third time. The sealed pound was set in a plastic container along with three or four marbles to make it sound like a toy, some kids’ game with pieces ready to be assembled. I gift wrapped the plastic container, then dropped it in a plain cardboard box and filled the empty space with the spray insulation. The insulation looked like corn-flavored whipped cream and made our living room smell like a locker room for two days. The package was neatly taped shut.