Who I am: A city mouse turned country mouse.

My city friends often tell me that I’m living in paradise, but this country mouse just heard that a “catamount” is on the prowl in my neighborhood. (That’s what the locals call a mountain lion.) As if it weren’t bad enough to live in the middle of nowhere in rural Vermont, surrounded by secret pot farms and up a dirt road that is currently impassable due to several feet of snow. As if it weren’t hard enough to be a single woman in an area where the men all have gun racks on their trucks and rubber testicles hanging from their rear bumpers. As if it weren’t tough enough to take care of two small iconoclasts, high on maple candy and addicted to Minecraft. Now I have to worry that a wild predator will stalk us as we make snow angels or will pounce on my back while I’m dragging out the recycling bin.