Most of us twiddled our thumbs in childhood — that is, interlaced our fingers and rotated our thumbs around each other — unconscious of our participation in an ancient practice dating back centuries within the Zoroastrian, Buddhist, and Sufi traditions. Khalil Patuknon, fourth-order Sufi and Confucian adept, will instruct in the proper method of twiddling, based on his twelve-year retreat in the Khartoum Mountains.



Feces divination is probably the most ancient form of prophecy. It has existed in all ages and cultures, although it has often been suppressed. Marie Antoinette is reputed to have learned of her fate using this method, which explains her dignity at the gallows. Such diverse figures as Aristotle, Galileo, and Shankaracarya devoted considerable space to it in their private writings. Harold Kerb, playwright, psychotherapist, and boxing coach, has studied the history and practice of feces divination since childhood. He will guide you through this sometimes sticky terrain.