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Submit to Readers Write on “Dating Apps”

Due November 1

Thumb tired from swiping right? From swiping left? Have you found true love, or at least had a memorable interaction, through an app on your cellphone? We’d love to read your true stories about dating apps — the good, the bad, and the ugly

October 19, 2022

Finding the Story

Elana Kupor on Pain and Identity

Elana Kupor is the author of “The Thistle Steps,” an essay featured in our October 2022 issue. Kupor has been hard of hearing since birth, and in her essay she interweaves her present-day experiences with scenes from her childhood. Sun Editorial Assistant Staci Kleinmaier recently spoke with Kupor about writing, identity, and disability.

By Staci Kleinmaier • October 18, 2022
Featured Selections

September’s Most Popular Reads

This month’s most popular selections are united by common themes: violence and education.

September 29, 2022
Featured Selections

Fertility, Parenthood, and “The Great Decline”

Children often evoke our strongest emotions. When we think about them — when and whether to have them, whether we can have them, whether we’ll have the freedom to make the choices we want — we confront our deepest fears and hopes.

September 12, 2022
Featured Selections

Four Ways to Lose Yourself: August’s Most Popular Selections

This month’s most popular selections are all about losing yourself — or trying to — in unexpected ways.

August 29, 2022
Featured Selections

How Do Our Convictions Change the World?

As social mores change and life as we know it continues to evolve, we wonder: How do personal convictions — whether ours or of those in power — shape society?

August 25, 2022
Featured Selections

Our Summer Recommended Reading List

We hope you’ll enjoy these featured selections from the past twelve months, chosen by our readers and staff.

August 15, 2022
Featured Selections

Award-Winning Writers

Congratulations to Maria Black and Jennifer Bowen Hicks on winning Pushcart Prizes, and congratulations also to other Sun contributors whose work has been recognized.

July 12, 2022

The Indiana Prison Writers Workshop

Thanks to reader support, we have sent The Sun free of charge to men and women behind bars for decades. We began sending the magazine to the Indiana Prison Writers Workshop after we received founder Debra Des Vignes’s letter to the editor mentioning her program teaching creative writing to inmates.

July 12, 2022

One Who Really Writes

Becky Mandelbaum on Imposter Syndrome and Shapeshifting Memories

Author Becky Mandelbaum discusses “Emotional Morons,” a short story featured in our July 2022 issue, touching on the story’s distinctive setting at an artificial lake in Kansas, the main character’s profound insecurities, and more.

By Hank Stephenson • July 5, 2022
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