If you look hard enough for a reason to support something you want to believe in, you’ll find it. We select a belief as we do a mate, seeking for that which best reflects ourselves and our needs. Both are fragile and tenuous affairs, but how much more fervently one will hold onto some beliefs, after many loves have come and gone.

I have not extinguished the need and the searching within myself, for we are egotistical beings and it would be great to one day discover Truth or, Wow, how sweet it would be if I could buy the Jesus-heaven package. Seriously, I’d love to believe for it would bring delicious relief and the possibility of eternal unification with the Perfect. Who wouldn’t want that? But I can’t, not won’t, for to me it all rests on faith, and faith brings us into intellectual dishonesty, what any hardfast ideology is at its roots. The faith angle allows you to avoid a lot of tough questions and adds the extra touch of piousness which nicely protects the cognitive process from further research. Believing in those things which best satisfy our needs is not necessarily real, and who of us is capable of getting a complete, truly accurate handle on the intangible?