It just bursts from me like a thunderclap, only there’s never any clap when my Vision grabs hold. It’s like I fall asleep, but my eyes stay open and the hand holding the pen just moves over the paper all by itself. Sometimes it happens at work, at Al’s All-Nite Diner, and I don’t even hear the truckers yelling when I drop the pot of coffee and take someone’s napkin and start writing on it. There’s always paper in my pocket — the tickets where I write down orders for coffee and ham and eggs and waffles and hamburgers — but I always forget and just go for whatever white paper is in front of me. Sheila says the truckers yell awful things, things would make me turn red as a beet if I heard, but I never hear. Sheila says sometimes they even punch me a little, but I just write faster. I don’t know. I never remember anything that happens once my Talent grabs hold.